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Video Camera Lens



Delivery Approx 12 weeks. Depending on times of year this can vary.


OPTION 1 = 1 FILM  by Approx 1hr + 1 by Approx 5min-7min 

OPTION 2 =  1 BY Ceremony Film/ 1 BY Speeches Film/ 1 by 15 min creative film

OPTION 3 = 1 Film by Approx 15 min see website for sample  (Creative)

Digital delivery of your films enables you to share your film/ films with whomever you choose. File Copies should be downloaded, backed up and stored in your personal cloud account.


Currently we are using a site called VidFlow 

Feedback : 

Links included to give you an idea. 

Delivery systems may change over time but you will be kept informed.


“That's excellent thanks a million, my feedback on Vidflow is that it's fantastic and a really handy way to share with friends and family! It's also really handy on the go as in you can cast from the website which is ideal when you're calling to friends houses and they ask about it the day etc. I think it's really useful on the whole.


Sirius HD Productions retains the rights to the footage for advertising and promotion purposes of the business. 

Morning preparations, both may be accommodated depending on distances.

Outside Ceremony venue guests etc/ Arrival at Ceremony venue/edited ceremony including Vows/ leaving venue/ Photo shoot/ arrival at hotel if possible ( see below) Reception/ Speeches/ First dance plus 2-3 dances afterwards. We will then slip away, not to be rude, but we leave you to have fun with your guests. 

We endeavour to get all the key moments of your day, I would suggest that you give a member of the wedding party the Job of the GO TO for the camera crew, Best Man/Groomsmen/Bridesmaid perhaps or equivalent. He/ She can inform us about impending venue arrival, location of photo session and most importantly when the speeches are due to begin, so we have about 10 minutes to get in place and attach our mic to the venue mic. 

A Schedule of the day is Gold Dust. Delays happen and things change, but it’s brilliant to have.  I get in touch with you closer to the day to finalise the details . eg Ceremony start time, meal time, speeches before or after your meal. Based on locations and ceremony start time I then work out what time we get to you in the morning.

Every wedding is different so we adapt. We love to get those shots, I don’t pose you, I let the photographer take the lead with that and we genuinely get a buzz out of the day. 

The arrival of the wedding party at the reception, should the photo shoot be in a separate location can sometimes be a scramble, i.e you both are eager to get to your guests and we must pack and unpack our gear so this shot is not always achievable. But we try . 


I use a Tascam sound recorder, a Rode directional shotgun mic attached to the camera a small sony recording device (similar in size to USB) and a Lav mic that can be clipped on to one half of the couple for recording of your Vows.

None of my mics transmit signals that may cause interference with other microphones/ speakers etc and they are all recording devices.


I only need to know the wedding song picked when entering/ exiting the ceremony venue and first dance song is also helpful. Other than that I can take care of it, but any special requests are welcome maybe even genres. The weather/ surroundings and what's happening in the shot can often influence the music choice in the edit.


There is lots to consider with regards drone flight so best to discuss with us.Permission/ Weather / Time etc.


 I hope this covers some questions you may have. Feel free to contact me with any queries. Usually best via email as I can bring up your file and give you a solid answer and we both have it in writing. 

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